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Ok so this 'might' not actually be a Bat'Leth but it is pretty freakin cool regardless. Type Bat'Leth into GOOGLE and these do come up, and GOOGLE is never wrong, right? Bat'Leth or Glaive (?) or just an awesome sharp spiky thing with lots of points and whether it be from Star Trek of World of Warcraft or summit else completely this is a really nice unique piece to add to your collection.
Category: Weapons » Fantasy » Axes
Today is a good day to die......if the heart of a Klingon Warrior beats within you, you need one of these fine weapons. Star Trek has been around almost as long as I have and continues to put forth good characters and ideas. The Klingon Bathleth is simply one such item.
Category: Weapons » Swords » Movies & TV
If brown is not your colour then what about grey? From the classic Star trek TV series come the cute little furball that gives Kirk and his crew a whole heap of trouble. In fact many rate this episode as their favorite and even those that don't like Star trek can recall these suckers.
Category: Collectables » Plushies » TV