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So a bit of Nerdy back story here. Aragorn (or Strider) was taken to Rivendell as a child after his father had a nasty encounter with some Orcs. He lived there for a time, seemingly becoming well antiquated with Steve Tylers music (and daughter)until he went and joined the Rangers. When he did so he took with him much of what he had learned from the elves including this knife. Oh and don't come down all hard on me cos I didn't get the story perfect, its my website and I will say what I want OK?

So you have see the movies, you know all about the swords, but have you seen this dagger? No!!?? That's because it wasn't in any of the Movies, well..... actually.... it sorta was. This is a mini me version of the mighty Orcrist blade used by Thorin (and Legolas) in the Hobbit movies. Is it practical, not really. But it is cute!!

It may be small in stature but it is mighty in heart (sorta like some of the characters in the movies no?)