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Egyptian style blade for ......well you know.....cutting stuff for your Mummy!! Lol. Nice looking dagger this.
At this size it is definitely a dagger in Human terms but might be considered a sword for a Hobbit. Unusual and cool with wicked looking blade that will do some serious damage to any Orc or Goblin foolish enough to try to eat you.
So a bit of Nerdy back story here. Aragorn (or Strider) was taken to Rivendell as a child after his father had a nasty encounter with some Orcs. He lived there for a time, seemingly becoming well antiquated with Steve Tylers music (and daughter)until he went and joined the Rangers. When he did so he took with him much of what he had learned from the elves including this knife. Oh and don't come down all hard on me cos I didn't get the story perfect, its my website and I will say what I want OK?
So you might remember that chap with the impossible sounding name 'Vin Deisel' who spends altogether too much time driving his cars in what can only be termed an anti-social manner, of and he did a couple of Sci=Fi movies (which do not make up for that stinker XXX) From the Movies 'Pitch Black' & 'The Chronicles of Riddick' comes the nifty blades that Riddick always carried to good effect.
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