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Two knives that feature fine details and a lovely blade which curves round your hand. Impressive to see on display.
Although not a Bat'leth in the traditional sense, this blade has a lot going for it. Molded grip with two wicked looking blades protruding out either end. not one to meet in the wrong place to be sure.
So people ask me why we have so many Zombie swords? Because they are FREAKIN COOL!! That being said, can you ever have too many of these things? Well when the dead arise and come looking to eat your brains you can rest easy because with that simple question you just proved you dont have any! But me and mine will be well protected thanks to these here blades!
OK so somebody can start creating the 'Z' virus, cos now with this baby, "I am ready!!" A sturdy (and fashionable) blade that is simply to die for! get it, to Die for! I crack myself up sometimes and you could crack someone’s head open with this thing, although you wouldn’t because that would be irresponsible of you and also highly illegal. But you can pretend and wait until the Zombie outbreak occurs and then all bets are off! ***OK SO YOU GUYS KNOW I AM ONLY KIDDING RIGHT? THERE ARE NO ZOMBIES AND YOU SHOULD NOT HIT PEOPLE WITH STEEL OBJECTS COS THEY CAN GET HURT REALLY BAD AND YOU COULD GET IN TROUBLE WITH YOUR MOTHERS!! *** please be responsible.
Sharp, pointy and leathal. What more could you ask for. You may notice it has more than a passing resemblence to another blade we stock and you would be right. Well spotted you train spotter you! Get both! Why? Cos you have two hands don't cha? And two makes a nice set and I gets more money!!
The Lord of the Rings needs no introduction, nor do these knives which were worn by Legolas as he joined the Fellowship and assisted in the destruction of the One Ring by Frodo. (Well actually it was the lava in Mt Doom that did the job ... and Gollum played a big part too, but these are nice blades really)
Note the sharp blade, the serrated back, the upturned tip. Ouurrgghh! If that doesn’t get your heart racing then check your pulse, cos you might just be dead!?! In which case you probably would not be reading this, so I suppose we can take it for granted that you are still alive. Which is just as well because we don’t have too many of these bad boys available. So get yours now before you die from excitement, or some lethal disease of some other malady which would be really unfortunate. Live long and prosper!
So you might remember that chap with the impossible sounding name 'Vin Deisel' who spends altogether too much time driving his cars in what can only be termed an anti-social manner, of and he did a couple of Sci=Fi movies (which do not make up for that stinker XXX) From the Movies 'Pitch Black' & 'The Chronicles of Riddick' comes the nifty blades that Riddick always carried to good effect.
A Morgul-blade, also known as "Morgul-knives", were magical and poisonous daggers that were used by Ringwraiths in Middle-earth during the Third Age. After it tastes flesh, the dagger breaks, leaving the shard of the blade in its victim. The remaining blade soon turns to dust, and the shard works its way through the body to the heart. If the shard of the blade stays in the victim for too long the victim becomes a wraith. ****THIS IS AN OFFICALLY LICENSED ITEM FROM UNITED CUTLERY****
It gets really hard to say anything new about Zombie Killing type weapons. Cos its all been said before, but take a look at this bad boy! Its a segmented machete so if the blow dosnt stop that Zombie, pulling his entrails out will almost certainly slow him down. Actually I am feeling kinda queasey typing all this blood and gore stuff. Ok so I am a sensitive guy. Im in touch with my feminine side (I call her Dee) but the thing is these Zombie Blades whilst cool and all that are not to be messed about with. They are sharp and will get you into a whole world of trouble if you act like a dork, so dont okay?