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Tauriel is a character of the The Hobbit film trilogy. She is a Silvan Wood-Elf of Mirkwood, as well as a captain of the Elven guard of Thranduil's Woodland Realm. However, Tauriel is a completely non-canonical character, as she does not appear in any of the books. Tauriel's golden-hued blades were wrought in the cavern smithies of her people, the Sindar, deep beneath the once beautiful Greenwood, now a sick and evil place, called Mirkwood by most. Few would dare tread its paths unarmed.

Tauriel's blades remain ever at the ready when she leads sorties into the forest to drive back the fell spiders and worse creatures that now haunt the dying wood.

A very spooky but rather stunning Painted Axe

So you might remember that chap with the impossible sounding name 'Vin Deisel' who spends altogether too much time driving his cars in what can only be termed an anti-social manner, of and he did a couple of Sci=Fi movies (which do not make up for that stinker XXX) From the Movies 'Pitch Black' & 'The Chronicles of Riddick' comes the nifty blades that Riddick always carried to good effect.

Spider Blades. This here beauty has a blade on each leg as well as for the pincers.Just a little bit frighting.

Although not a Bat'leth in the traditional sense, this blade has a lot going for it. Molded grip with two wicked looking blades protruding out either end. not one to meet in the wrong place to be sure.