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The Lord of the Rings needs no introduction, nor do these knives which were worn by Legolas as he joined the Fellowship and assisted in the destruction of the One Ring by Frodo. (Well actually it was the lava in Mt Doom that did the job ... and Gollum played a big part too, but these are nice blades really)

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So you might remember that chap with the impossible sounding name 'Vin Deisel' who spends altogether too much time driving his cars in what can only be termed an anti-social manner, of and he did a couple of Sci=Fi movies (which do not make up for that stinker XXX) From the Movies 'Pitch Black' & 'The Chronicles of Riddick' comes the nifty blades that Riddick always carried to good effect.

Although not a Bat'leth in the traditional sense, this blade has a lot going for it. Molded grip with two wicked looking blades protruding out either end. not one to meet in the wrong place to be sure.