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Yet another awesome item from the ever popular Zelda game. Dark Link (or Shaddow Link if you prefer) is a recurring Boss and character throughout the games and as such he needs a Shield. TA DA!!! Nice segway huh?! So here is is in all its cool inky blackness glory!! Buy now before the sun comes out and it starts to sparkle.....oh wait sorry wrong franchise, Righto as you were then!

Now this is just the thing you need when facing a half breed Orc that has designs on using you for target practice with a powerful bow!! Of course he forgot to carry it with him when he went to have his chat with Frodo at the end of the Fellowship which means he sadly lacks its protection when discussing the finer points of cobat with Lurtz but he gets to have it in the boat with him as he goes off over the waterfall. I mean whats up with that, right? Oh thats right, It's Sean bean, silly me!!Lol.

So in a creepy kinda twist in the classic childrens tale "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" our heroes encounter Father Christmas, who turns out to be a sort of Weapons dealer....I mean come on....oh wait a minute....sells weapons...Hmmmm...nope nothing to see here you were then....this is a cool looking shield. Get em while they are hot!!